Working With Online Platforms And Restaurants


Welcome Delivery Services L.L.C has been in the business of Delivery Logistics solutions. We offer Delivery Services Solution in Dubai. Currently, we are working with different online Platforms and restaurants. We have 300+ riders under our own visa and bikes that are fully owned by us.

Dedicated Services

We are providing bikes and riders for the Monthly Packages to fulfill the capacity of delivery services. Our delivery boys are under your brand and termed to be your dedicated delivery boys.

Benefits Of Welcome Delivery Services

With more restaurants, shops & pharmacies everywhere in Dubai, we help you focus on your product and make your presence felt more. We will take care of your deliveries and let you get back to what you care about. With us as your delivery partner.

Welcome Delivery Services offers you:

  • Dedicated drivers.
  • Easy replacement, if the driver is not available.
  • Able to satisfy the booming market.
  • Trained drivers and well-known UAE routes, able to deliver on-time.